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Portfolio of WizArt designers.

WizArt - is a young company so our site is our first published project under this new name followed by other works we can be proud of. Nevertheless our team is one of the most experienced on the Ukrainian market so please check our portfolio below to see that.
The sites listed below contain also the talents and skills of programmers and consultants. You can see it through navigation features, availability of information, and conveniences.


Franco Carlotto site
Franco eventually won the prestigious Mr. World Fitness competition six times in a row. In addition, he was the number one on the World Ranking List for 8 years from 1996-2004, a record that has made him the most successful and most recognized fitness athlete ever.
Now Franco is the founder of Fitness for Kids, an organization dedicated to educating and inspiring children and their parents about the importance of eating healthy, being active and living with respect and integrity towards oneself and each other.
Aleksej Mochanov site
Aleksej Mochanov site. The automobile expert, verifier, racing pilot and journalist. Tests of civil and racing automobiles, travels and sports events, huge quantity of the references on information portals.
In October 2004 we completed works on localization of the web site of Speech Design - Carrier Systems into Russian, that included full text, HTML and Flash code translations as well as the new layout.

The site of a German advertising, ethnic marketing and Internet outsourcing agency


The Official site of Klitschko brothers, heavyweight boxing champions, in 4 languages with a lot of programming applications. The site won the main prize of user sympathies Sun Awards 2001


International Accounting server, .XML technology used.


Religious Union for Progressive Jewish Congregations of Ukraine



Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs


The official multimedia site of promising Ukrainian pop singer Rosava


New design of TAS Commerz Bank
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